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Crow Metals have expanded beyond our yard in Romford and now provide services to clients in Dagenham, Barking as well as a third yard for our Rainham clients. Our team buys all ferrous and non-ferrous metals, offering the best price you’ll find throughout the London area. We offer prompt payment and ensure you aren’t left waiting around by making the process quick and easy. So if you’re a local tradesman and have scrap for sale, contact our friendly team of time served professionals.

Some scrap yards deal exclusively with companies which produce a very large amount of scrap, but Crow Metals will purchase any amount you have to offer – even small loads. While our Romford site does business with businesses like British Aerospace, Rolls Royce and Ford, our Dagenham and Barking location focuses on tradesmen and individuals looking to offload scrap at a fair price – perhaps scrap acquired during construction projects, refurbishments and similar developments.

Tailored Services from Your Local Industry Leaders

To ensure a quick and efficient service for our Dagenham and Barking clients, we have a large fleet of vehicles that can handle even very large loads of scrap metal. We also use the latest equipment to ensure you get an accurate reading on the scrap you’re selling. This includes a certified weighbridge for larger lots, and digital scales for smaller lots. Together, they mean you’ll get every penny owed to you and never anything less. Not all scrap yards invest as much as we do in such technology.

Crow Metals is also the ideal choice for those concerned about the environment in Dagenham, Barking and their surrounds. Your scrap for sale will be recycled and find new life. To learn more about the ins and outs of what we do, navigate to our dedicated services page, or alternatively, give us a call on 0208 596 5937.

Have scrap for sale? Call Dagenham and Barking’s favoured scrap metal merchants, Crow Metals, today on 0208 596 5937!


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