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0208 596 5937
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The new site we’ve established in Dagenham allows us easy access to the Barking area. So if you’re a Barking resident or a tradesman active in the area who regularly accumulates quantities (large or small) of scrap for sale, add Crow Metals to your phonebook! We offer the best prices you’ll find amongst all London scrap metal merchants, and use the latest technology to ensure that weights are accurate and nothing is unaccounted for… So just give us a call at your earliest convenience on 0208 596 5937.

Years ago, scrap yards were relatively unregulated and this led to certain bad practices in the trade – most notably persons acquiring scrap for sale via unethical means. Thankfully, new regulations have had a massive impact on reducing this and cleaning up the image associated with scrap metal merchants. For the benefit of our Barking clients, and anyone else who might have found this page, we’ve looked to run over these regulations and what they mean for you.

Scrap Metal Rules & Regulations


Perhaps the most significant change brought in under the Scrap Metal Dealers Act 2013, is a complete ban on cash payments for scrap for sale. This means you’ll need a bank account/card for us to pay into via electronic transfer, or you can take a crossed cheque. If these aren’t satisfactory for whatever reason, we won’t be able to accept your scrap metal.


On top of this, Barking clients visiting our Romford or Dagenham scrap yards will need to bring a valid form of identification e.g passport or driver’s licence. Furthermore, we’ll need some sort of proof of address, for example a utility bill, bank statement or council tax documentation. This is so our scrap metal merchants can confirm your identity.


The requirements on our side of things are extensive, but perhaps the most crucial is that anyone looking to purchase scrap for sale, e.g scrap yards and scrap metal dealers, must be licenced. This prevents unscrupulous traders from taking advantage of clients or engaging in criminal practice. It’s a great change for both consumers, and businesses like ours which have always striven to be not just “above board” – but to push the envelope when it comes to honest service to you, the customer.

If you have scrap for sale in the Barking area and want to maximise the amount you make from it, contact Crow Metals in Dagenham. Dial 0208 596 5937 today!