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Before you make the visit to our scrap yards, located close-by Becontree in Dagenham and Romford respectively, it pays to know the types of scrap for sale we accept. After all, it might be you have more potential recyclable material than you originally realised. So on this page, that’s what our scrap metal merchants have looked to discuss: the different varieties of scrap metal that make up the 400m tonnes that are recycled every year!

If you already know what you’re scrapping but have a question for our team, or wish to book the collection of a scrap vehicle with or without its catalytic converter, pick up the phone and call our team on 0208 596 5937. Just as our scrap yards are frequented by Becontree based tradesmen and professionals who accumulate large quantities of scrap for sale, so do we receive visits from individuals with small batches; we accept all quantities!

Types of Scrap Metal

Aluminium – One of the most commonly recycled scrap metals. This is partially due to the low amount of energy required to process it, and partially due to its ubiquity. Clients around Becontree might find recyclable aluminium in the form of cans, vehicles, bicycles, computers, cookware, wiring, gutters and siding.

Steel – Found in buildings, cars, appliances, machines, tools and all sorts of different infrastructure, steel is a popular ferrous metal accepted by all scrap yards and scrap metal merchants in the Becontree area.

Copper – Top grade copper can be worth 95% of the value of its original, non-recycled variant, making it sought after as scrap for sale. Wiring, furniture, electrical appliances and laptops can all be sources of copper. How clean it is, as well as its density, will determine its grading.

Brass Becontree homeowners who’ve replaced doorknobs, bedframes or taps should avoid throwing them away. Store them or bring them down to our scrap metal merchants; you’ll be surprised at how much you’ll earn.

Zinc – Did you know that the average end of life vehicle contains roughly 10kg of zinc? So if you’re looking to invest in a new vehicle, bring yours to our scrap yards or have us collect it to earn a tidy sum toward your next purchase!

Tin – Recycling tin for new usage requires a whopping 99% less energy than manufacturing it from scratch. One common source is old kitchen equipment including woks and cooking bowls; so should you be updating your kitchen, bring us your old bits and bobs for weighing and grading!

Lead – Manufacturing new lead is bad for the environment due to the amount of CO2 emissions involved. Luckily, recycling lead can slash emissions by 99%. While homeowners around Becontree may struggle to find it these days, as lead pipes, flashing and gutters went out of fashion with the dawn of the 1970s, commercial clients such as tradesmen and property refurbishment companies may find heaps of lead scrap for sale when updating said antiquated homes and premises.

In Becontree with scrap for sale? Call Crow Metals, which operates two popular scrap yards in the Dagenham and Romford areas. For tailored advice, call our scrap metal merchants on 0208 596 5937.