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Paying Top Prices for Scrap Metal in Canning Town | Crow Metals

We might be some of the most popular, but we aren’t the only scrap yards covering the Canning Town area. And while we think our website makes a great argument for why we’re seen as some of the top choice scrap metal merchants in the area, it stands to reason you may want to sound out a few companies before offloading scrap for sale. So what should you be looking for when shopping around?

What Canning Town Residents Should Look for in Scrap Yards

Prices – When it all comes down to it, presuming you find scrap metal merchants that tick all the essential boxes, price becomes everything. While all scrap yards keep their fingers on the pulse of the market, monitoring fluctuation in the value of scrap for sale / purchase, not all will pass on the same level of projected profit to their clients. So it’s always a good idea to sound out multiple scrap yards to see exactly how much you can expect to get for your scrap. The best scrap metal merchants covering the Canning Town area, a category Crow Metals can safely be said to fall into, are renowned for paying top prices for both ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metals.

Customer Service – Whether it’s a one-off drop of scrap for sale, or you’re looking for scrap metal merchants near Canning Town who will be a reliable partner for regular quantities of scrap generated through commercial projects, it pays to choose scrap yards that offer a good standard of customer service. The services offered at our three sites in Dagenham, Rainham and Romford are tailored to each client; for example, we have a fleet of vehicles that can collect and transport larger loads that may not be suited to a quick drop off. We’re also always happy to help you solve logistical challenges and similar problems, for a smooth and stress-free experience each and every time. All good scrap metal merchants should offer the same high standard of customer service.

Legality – While the days of unlicensed scrap metal merchants are more or less behind the industry, it’s important that you choose scrap yards that follow the rules. Otherwise, you may land yourself in hot water. Look for a company that abides the rules introduced back in 2013. These include:

  • No cash payments for scrap for sale
  • ID must be requested to verify name and address of seller
  • Scrap yards must be licenced

There are plenty of licenced scrap metal merchants operating in the Canning Town area, and Crow Metals with its three scrap yards in Dagenham, Rainham and Romford ensure you get the best price, customer service and an at all times above board service each time you visit, or arrange collection.

Have scrap for sale in the Canning Town area? Contact the scrap metal merchants at Crow Metals today on 0808 196 0598.