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Our Dagenham and Romford scrap yards pay out generous sums for both ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and this means we receive visits from residents of all areas of East London. But we’re aware these two terms might not be 100% clear to those who have perhaps not made use of scrap metal merchants before. So on this page, we’ve looked to explain what ferrous and non-ferrous metals are, in terms of characteristics and usages.

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Ferrous Metals

So the simple answer as to the difference between ferrous and non-ferrous scrap metal is the former contains iron while the latter does not. So ferrous metals we buy at our scrap yards include mild, carbon and stainless steels, as well as cast and wrought iron. East London clients, to better identify sources of scrap metal they can bring to our scrap metal merchants, may wonder what they’re used for…

Ferrous metals are typically employed for their strength and durability. It can be found in cars (a vital source of scrap for sale), housing infrastructure, chef’s quality knives, large-format piping, railways and industrial containers. The one downside of ferrous metals is its susceptibility to rusting when subjected to high levels of moisture over an extended period of time. An advantage, however, is that it’s magnetic – making it suited to certain applications like electrical applications and motors.

At scrap yards across the world – of which two are stationed with us in and near East London – 500m tonnes of ferrous metal is sold, making it one of the most recycled materials on the planet.

Non-ferrous Metals

There are far more examples of non-ferrous metals than there are ferrous. Some common scrap for sale we find ourselves purchasing include: zinc, lead, tin, nickel, copper, brass and aluminium; silver and gold are also valuable, for obvious reasons. East London clients can find non-ferrous metals everywhere, from roofing to road signs, to electronic devices and plumbing infrastructure.

They’re used for their malleability and lightness, as well as their aesthetic qualities and the fact they’re non-magnetic, which in many applications is essential. Anything that requires high resistance to rust and corrosion, perhaps because it’s positioned outside and has to deal with the elements, is typically non-ferrous. If unsure of what you have your hands on, visit the veteran scrap metal merchants at our East London scrap yards for grading and weighing.

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