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While these days, considering the environmental situation can be a somewhat despairing thing, there are still many things which give cause for hope. One is the effect the scrap metal industry is having in the fight to preserve our planet. With three scrap yards in Dagenham, Rainham and Romford respectively, Crow Metals is helping lead this fight. And if you’re in the Harringay area and regularly make use of our scrap metal merchants to offload your scrap for sale, so are you…

Be Eco Friendly – Use Scrap Yards

  • Scrap Metal Can Be Endlessly Recycled – It’s not just a one-time affair; most recycled products can themselves be recycled, leading to a self-supporting, highly energy efficient source of production. Something a Harringay client has brought to us as scrap for sale may turn up many years later in a totally different form! It’s an exciting way to think about it.
  • Landfill is Finite – The amount of waste that is unnecessarily sent to landfill is staggering. And when you consider the fact that landfill is not only a blight upon surrounding areas, contaminating it and meaning the land can’t be used for something more socially beneficial, the need for scrap yards becomes ever clearer! Our scrap metal merchants near Harringay help you do your bit to minimise the amount of England’s green and pleasant land becomes fill.
  • Keep Material in the Ground – Another point relating to the finite… offloading your scrap for sale helps keep raw materials in the ground, reducing the likelihood of price spikes, shortages and the exhaustion of key resources. It also means less energy used in transporting and processing this raw material.
  • Support the Sector – While it’s less a direct environmental benefit, scrap yards and scrap metal merchants employ a massive number of persons locally and internationally. When so many large employers are actively sabotaging efforts to preserve our planet, Harringay residents who support the recycling sector by visiting our team, are helping keep employment in this vital enterprise.

Earn your green credentials by bringing unwanted items to our scrap metal merchants near Harringay. Have a question? Call the Crow Metals team on 0808 196 0598!