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There are many reasons why you might want to scrap your vehicle. It may be on its last legs, and extremely unlikely to fetch a decent price on the second hand marketplace; it might also be ineligible for a trade-in at a dealership, for much the same reason. Perhaps it’s an insurance write-off, or you simply fancy a change in vehicle… Whatever the reason for wanting to offload your vehicle as scrap for sale, Crow Metals near Ilford are the scrap metal merchants for you. We pay top price for scrap, and have two conveniently located scrap yards in Romford and Dagenham respectively.

We also offer a free collection service, to ensure that the entire process is straightforward and simple! Below, for those in and around the Ilford area who are interested in what the vehicle recycling process looks like, we’ve provided a brief run through. But if you’re more interested in getting a quote from our scrap metal merchants on a non-starter or any other variety of scrap for sale you might have, call our scrap yards on 0208 596 5937.

The Vehicle Recycling Process

  • First up, all fluids are completely drained: transmission fluid, brake fluid, petrol, oil, lubricants and anti-freeze. Due to their toxicity and the harm they can cause to the environment, they are separately stored and shipped to processing plants.
  • Any re-usable parts are removed. They’ll be professionally cleaned and restored, before being sent on to a party that facilitates their secondary use e.g a second-hand parts retailer in Ilford or elsewhere in the UK (being known as reputable scrap metal merchants, we enjoy strong working relationships with some fantastic companies in this sector).
  • Scrap yards will then remove all non-recyclable parts. This includes the car’s battery, and tyres with less than 1.6mm tread depth (the minimum legal depth for driving in the UK).
  • Now for the iconic part that most Ilford clients will think of when conjuring up scrap yards in their mind! Remaining, non-hazardous parts and the chassis are fed into a compactor.
  • Next up, the compacted metal is fed through a shredder, capably handled by our trained scrap metal merchants.
  • The scrap for sale you brought to us is nearly fully processed. It just needs to be sorted into ferrous and non-ferrous categories. This is achieved via an industrial magnet, as the former is magnetic while the latter is not.
  • Any residues are cleaned away, and the scrap metal is then recycled/melted down for secondary usage.

With all this complete, Ilford clients visiting our scrap metal merchants / scrap yards have contributed to an effective means of reducing carbon emissions and preserving natural resources, all the while making a healthy buck! It’s a highly efficient means of recycling, with as much of 99% of a scrapped vehicle going back into secondary use (although with most vehicles, this is more around the 74% mark).

Want to arrange the collection of a scrap vehicle you have in the Ilford area? Call Crow Metals, London’s favoured local scrap metal merchants. You can reach us on 0208 596 5937.