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Get More for Your Scrap Metal in Leyton | Crow Metals

Operating three scrap yards situated in Dagenham, Rainham and Romford, Crow Metals is a great option for Leyton residents looking to get top prices and prompt payments for their scrap for sale. But what types of metal are scrap metal merchants most commonly purchasing, and what sources might you find them in?

What Are the Most Common Scrapable Metals?

Copper – While, especially in recent years, the value of copper has fluctuated fairly violently, scrap yards around Leyton are always on the lookout for it. It can be found in both commercial and domestic settings: with the former, consider copper wire stripped during demolitions, re-wires and similar projects; the latter, old electrical appliances and plumbing elements following an upgrade or re-fit. Even old copper pots and pans can be scrap for sale if you’re looking to bin them!

Brass – Lots of items that look like gold at first glance reveal themselves to be brass, such as ornamental objects you might find around a house or in a Leyton garage gathering dust. Old door handles and knockers are also a source, and our scrap metal merchants often receive quantities from developers and carpenters around Leyton who accrue them over time.

Silver – Did you know that offloading silver at scrap yards can often be more lucrative then heading to a pawn shop or jewellery store? Compare quotes by visiting all three, and if you’re in the Leyton area with silver scrap for sale, choose one of our Dagenham, Rainham or Romford scrap yards to get a competitive and carefully calculated price for your silver.

Aluminium – When most people think of aluminium as scrap for sale, they think of a solid collection of cans and containers which are kept to one side, and brought to scrap yards for an eventual pay off. But did you know scrap metal merchants also accept other forms of aluminium including old electronic devices, computers and gaming consoles, as well as bike frames and vehicle parts? All of these items and more can contain a decent quantity of aluminium, so Leyton residents should keep this in mind before chucking anything.

If you have a quantity of scrap for sale in the Leyton area, consider visiting our scrap metal merchants for a competitive, prompt pay-out. For more information, call 0808 196 0598.