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Did you know that Crow Metals Dagenham purchase unwanted vehicles for scrap metal, and even offer a free collection service in Rainham and its surrounds? We use top of the line grading and weighing equipment at our scrap yards to ensure that you earn every penny you deserve for your vehicle, breaking down the price you get in layman’s terms as part of our commitment to transparency. Our scrap metal merchants can help fund the purchase of a new vehicle, or whatever else you have in mind, whatever condition the vehicle you have for sale is currently in.

But what if it’s your first time looking to offload this particular type of scrap for sale? Read on, as below we’ve looked to provide a brief guide for soon-to-be customers in and around the Rainham area. If you have a different form of scrap for sale, then don’t hesitate to pop in directly during opening hours of our Dagenham and Romford scrap yards, or call our scrap metal merchants for tailored advice on 01708 749 031.

Scrapping a Vehicle – What You Need to Know

ATF’s – Not just any old person or company is permitted to scrap a vehicle. You need to be registered and regularly checked by the relevant authorities. But did you know that even using unregulated scrap yards and scrap metal merchants in Rainham or its surrounds means you can be prosecuted? The burden is not simply on the operator. So if you have scrap for sale it’s vital you check that your chosen facility has valid, in date ATF licences issued by the Environment Agency. Crow Metals in Dagenham is proud to be an Authorised Testing Facility (or ATF, as we’re known).

COD – Another acronym! A COD stands for Certificate of Destruction, and scrap yards and scrap metal merchants issue them within 7 days of processing your vehicle. It’s important to keep this on file, should you ever need to present proof that the vehicle has passed out of your ownership.

Paperwork – A V5C certificate will need to be filled in and sent to the DVLA prior to a vehicle being received as scrap for sale at our scrap yards near Romford. While our scrap metal merchants are happy to help you if you have any queries regarding this form, it is very much your responsibility. You will, usually within the month, receive a receipt back.

Write-offs – Many of our clients visit our scrap yards and scrap metal merchants to sell an insurance company write-off, then ensure the prior certificate has its Notification of Sale or Transfer section completed before you ping it off. Keep a copy of the certificate for your records in case your insurance company gets in touch.

Have a question for our scrap metal merchants, based nearby Rainham in Dagenham? Call the Crow Metals office today on 01708 749 031.