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Across a number of the pages making up this website, we’ve looked to take a less general approach to service descriptions and examine particular types of metal that we regularly receive from clients in particular areas; today’s subject: lead. We often receive lead scrap for sale from clients in the Seven Kings areas, located a short drive from our Dagenham and Romford scrap yards. So this particular page is targeted toward both those in Seven Kings who’ve brought us lead before, and those who are totally new to the idea.

If you have a different form of scrap for sale and want to discuss it with our veteran scrap metal merchants, pick up the phone and call Crow Metals on 0208 596 5937. Alternatively, pay us a visit during opening hours. Of the two scrap yards close-by Seven Kings, our Dagenham location is nearest.

Recycling Lead – A Guide from Seven Kings’ Scrap Metal Merchants

These days, more lead is produced via recycling than mining, which has only positive effects on the environment. In production, its innate properties of malleability and softness make it a versatile and sought after material. But where can it be found? Around 85% is found in batteries – so this is the form that most of the lead scrap for sale we receive at our scrap yards from Seven Kings clients will take; but lead pipe is also a fairly common source valued by our scrap metal merchants.

Recycling batteries is strictly regulated, due to the fact they can degrade and leak dangerous chemicals, including mercury and cadmium. Offloading old lead batteries as scrap for sale makes a lot of sense due to the fact they cannot be disposed of in either household rubbish or recycled in the standard, day-to-day way of sticking them in your own recycling bin, as you might with other forms of metal.

So put them safely to one side where they will not be in direct sunlight or near a source of heat, and bring them to our scrap yards / scrap metal merchants when you get the opportunity; if you’re a commercial client in the Seven Kings area, you may wish to accrue a certain quantity prior to making the trip, to save time on multiple journeys.

An important question to ask is why scrap lead products? The first reason is to contribute to the production cycle, which currently ensures 75% of all lead used in the EU and U.S. is recycled. This saves lead as a limited natural resource, and all the energy involved in extraction and refinery. The second reason is financial: Seven Kings clients can earn money by bringing their lead scrap for sale to our scrap metal merchants; likewise, they avoid the fines and legal penalties associated with improper disposal of lead batteries.

Remember only to visit licenced scrap yards, as using unauthorised / illegal scrap metal merchants can also mean individuals find themselves on the wrong side of the law!

In Seven Kings and searching for licenced scrap metal merchants nearby? Call Crow Metals – which operates scrap yards in Romford and Dagenham – on 01708 749 031.