0208 596 5937
0208 596 5937
Crow Metals Dagenham


At Crow Metals, we buy all types of scrap metal for fair prices you won’t find elsewhere. We weigh it accurately so you get every penny you deserve, and ensure you are promptly paid. You won’t be left waiting around. After receiving scrap metal from clients in Dagenham, Barking or nearby areas, we sort it into separate loads. These are stripped and sheared using powerful machinery, making them more manageable and ready to be transported between scrap yards or to an end user.

Over our 70 years serving as scrap metal merchants for London – first in Romford and now Dagenham and Barking – we’ve established a huge network of trusted end users. This includes other scrap yards and scrap metal merchants all over the country, as well as companies with need for recycled scrap metal. So we can always identify the proper use for our clients’ scrap for sale, and make it useful again.

Scrap Metal Merchants for Local Trades

While our Romford site works with some of the UK’s biggest companies, most of our Dagenham and Barking trade comes from tradesmen: either sole traders or small businesses in industries like plumbing, electrics and construction. These clients are constantly receiving quantities of scrap metal, both ferrous and non-ferrous. If it wasn’t offloaded as scrap for sale, it would take up space in storage or be thrown away (and they’d earn nothing from it).

This is where our scrap metal merchants come in. We collect, sort and recycle any quantity of scrap you might have. Iron framing, brass doorknobs, copper wiring or anything else. As our scrap yards invest in top of the line equipment, we’ll give you a 100% accurate reading on weight, so you get paid properly and in the correct and legal manner (shown in the Metal Dealers Act 2013).

A Convenient Vehicle Collection Service in Dagenham & Barking

One thing we offer that many other scrap metal merchants and scrap yards in Dagenham, Barking and their surrounds do not, is collecting unwanted vehicles from the roadside. Sometimes, a car or van has stopped working and it would be too expensive to repair and unsellable. But it’s still valuable as scrap for sale, we can arrange a speedy collection that prevents you paying for its removal.

Catalytic Converters

Although we don’t actually buy catalytic converters at our Dagenham site, just a few miles down the road is our Romford yard where we offer a highly accurate grading system. This means you will get paid for the precious metals that might reside inside them (such as Rhodium, Palladium and Platinum). We purchase both two-way and three-way catalytic converters, so should you have one that is crying out to head to our scrap yards – don’t hesitate to get in touch.

You can reach Crow Metals on 0208 596 5937. We offer top dollar for your scrap for sale, and the gold standard for customer service amongst local competitors in Dagenham and Barking.