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First Choice for uPVC Recycling in Dagenham & All Surrounding Areas | Crow Metals

Metals are not the only thing we recycle. Our scrap yard also provides a uPVC recycling service, paying top prices for old windows. The aim is to keep these items out of landfill, save energy, and play a vital role in fostering a more ecologically sound manufacturing cycle. Crow Metals is happy to arrange collection of larger quantities of uPVC fixtures in our principal areas of coverage – such as Barking, Eastbrook, Canning Town, Harringay, Leyton and Ilford. Alternatively, bring them along to our Dagenham, Romford or Rainham locations at your convenience.

Unfortunately, uPVC windows and similar fixtures are often simply thrown out when they’re no longer wanted. But one of the best things about this material is its ability to be efficiently recycled and re-used, much like the scrap metals we purchase and process. Not only are you doing your bit for the environment by using our uPVC recycling service, you’re getting paid to do so.

As with the scrap metal side of our business, we ensure residents and trades in Barking, Dagenham, Eastbrook, Canning Town, Harringay, Leyton, Ilford and Rainham, get every penny owed to them – and never a penny less. We do this by keeping track of fluctuations in the market value of uPVC, so you don’t just get a general, conservative guess of a pay-out designed to increase the margins of your uPVC recycling partner. Fairness and honesty are two values that explain our longevity, and how we’ve expanded to three separate scrap yards over the years.

uPVC Recycling Explained

After we receive uPVC products, we separate out any other materials or colours, before shredding and compressing the remaining plastic into easy-to-transport, contamination-free pellets. These are a convenient and malleable form of uPVC that can be used in the manufacture of many different high grade products. Fixtures can be recycled up to 10 times, which means a simple frame can be of use for hundreds of years. Consider the amount of space these bulky items would otherwise take-up in landfill, and you can see why uPVC recycling is such a vital service.

Crow Metals has numerous partners located in and around Barking, Dagenham, Eastbrook, Canning Town, Harringay, Leyton, Rainham and all other areas of the UK. This ensures we can find the right recipient for the pellets we produce, and your efforts to help build a brighter future won’t be in vain. Wherever possible, we choose the closest recipient to reduce the amount of emissions involved in transportation.

As we invest a great deal in the uPVC recycling equipment and technology at our three scrap yards, we’re able to clamp down on conversion costs and pass these savings onto clients. Payment is also speedy and convenient, ensuring you won’t have to wait an inordinately long time to recieve what’s owed you. The aforementioned equipment also allows us to accept glass contaminated loads – something not all uPVC recycling companies do.

Earn top prices for old windows. Choose Crow Metals’ uPVC recycling service, available at our Dagenham, Rainham and Romford scrap yards. For more info, call 0808 196 0598.