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Thanks to the continued success of our long-founded Romford base, Crow Metals has moved into Dagenham and established an altogether new site. The expertise of our friendly team, combined with our commitment to customer service and getting you the best prices you’ll find anywhere in London, make us confident we’ll become known as the pick of all scrap yards in next to no time!

For the benefit of both those who have visited/used scrap metal merchants many a time before, and those altogether new to the experience, we’ve here penned an article on the most valuable scrap metal and where you might find it. So keep your eyes peeled and remember, the next time you finish a project or job around the Dagenham area, that there are local scrap yards like Crow Metals ready and raring to purchase all your scrap for sale!

The Most Valuable Scrap Metal & Where to Find it…

Steel – While one of the least valuable scrap metals on a pound for pound basis, it’s incredibly common and therefore always finding its way to scrap metal merchants like ours in Dagenham. This means you can make a pretty penny out of things like old ladders, pipes, beams and even coat hangers! Stainless steel is slightly more sought after by scrap yards, so be sure to identify old cutlery, handrails, countertops and all manner of catering equipment.

Lead – When you think of lead you might think of old piping and the like. This can be somewhat lucrative, being worth more than steel. Old batteries (think car battery rather than double A’s) also contain lead, so Dagenham motorists with an old vehicle in the drive can always consider scrapping the vitals under the hood.

Aluminium – A step up from lead, scrap yards are always looking for aluminium in the form of signs, gutters, antennas, tables, chairs, awnings – anything really! Aluminium is an incredibly versatile material, being lightweight and so recyclable, so if you have some aluminium scrap for sale, give our Dagenham branch a call.

Titanium – While not half as common, titanium can be found in electronic equipment and sporting goods (e.g golf clubs). If you are unable to offload these items in the traditional way, give thought to calling our scrap metal merchants. We’ll ensure it gets recycled, and you get paid the proper sum!

Brass – Other than for all the essential instruments in a quality brass band, this metal is often found in kitchens and properties with a rustic aesthetic. Doorknobs are another candidate for bringing to scrap yards.

Copper – Perhaps the most valuable easy-to-come-by scrap metal is copper. Copper wiring and pipes left over from a development, or a plumbing/electrical project, can be sold to scrap yards at a high price. Ours in Dagenham is pick of the bunch, so keep an eye out for all things copper: which includes components in washing machines, cameras and computers.

In the Dagenham area and have scrap for sale? Call your local scrap metal merchants, Crow Metals, on 0208 596 5937!